Web Portfolio

Take a peek at a few sites we’ve built:


Client Goal:
Cowboy themed website that is easy to update.

Custom designed header and background, blog, drop-down menu/navigation, Contact Us form, photo pages, embedded video, search feature, favicon, and more … all wrapped up in western style.



Client Goal:
SEO site with Google Adsense

SEO theme, Google Adsense ads, donate button, blog, embedded videos, subscribe to YouTube widget, custom sidebar buttons, RSS feed, favicon, and more … all encircling Android.


Online-Global-TrainingONLINE MARKETING

Client Goal:
A site with a large graphic

Custom home page layout & background, SEO theme, customizable area to the right of header, subscribe to newsletter, favicon, and more … all immersed in blues and greys.



Client Goal:
Easy to use website with Events Calendar

Drop-down menu/navigation, Events Calendar, donate button, password protected staff page, favicon, … all with a similar look as their new brochure.



Client Goal:
Easy to use website with place for book sales.

SEO theme, blog, donate button, twitter feeds, buy now button, Contact Us form, favicon, … all soaked in warm earth tones and vibrant blues and teals.



Client Goal:
Easy to use website with place for poster sales.

SEO theme, custom logo, drop-down menu/navigation, rotating graphics, PDF downloads page, simple shopping cart, links to the middle of specific pages, favicon, … all with a common thread of easy access.



Client Goal:
Easy to use website and help with every step of the process.

Custom header and graphics, Free ebook, guidance from start to finish (buying domain to training) … all immersed in blues and greys.

Web Portfolio – Serving Many Passions

We’re passionate about your passion. Take a look at the various businesses and non-profits we’ve helped so far. We’d love to help you, too!

  • Animal Shelter
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Book
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Christian Coaching
  • Christian Worldview
  • Churches
  • Community Resources
  • Counseling
  • Dog Rescue
  • Dude Ranch
  • Education
  • Equestrian
  • Historic Site
  • Home Loan
  • Home Remodeling
  • Humanitarian
  • Ministries
  • Mortgage
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Realtor
  • Smart Phones
  • Speaker
  • Teacher Resources
  • Technology
  • Therapy
  • Training
  • Tutoring

We love our diverse client base: For-Profit, Non-Profit, Religious, Ministries, Blogs, Local, and National. Which category applies to you?

Web Portfolio – Testimonials

Seriously? What do others think?

“Well, you impressed me – nice layout and design.”
Peter Treloar, Owner, Online Global Training

“Dana is simply amazing!  She quickly assessed my (insufficient) skills and taught me what I needed from there.  She truly has all the talents of a great teacher….and she’s easy to work with!”
~Kenneth W. Fritz, President, Colorado Crimson Group, Inc

Love what you do? So do we! Let’s work together to build a website that you and your clients will love. Contact us today.

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