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WordPress Websites are All the Rage

WordPress Websites are little known gems that have an enormous following. This free open source software puts web design and maintenance into everyone’s grasp. Wordpress can be used as it was originally designed, which is to create blogs. Or it can be used to create user friendly and interactive websites for small businesses and non-profits, which is what we like to do.

WordPress websites are easy to create. But now that WordPress has made it possible for everyone to build a website, the question remains, should they? Our answer is yes and no. If you’re creative, have time, enjoy learning new software and understand the basics of internet marketing, you should seriously consider making your own site. If you aren’t all of those things, then hire it done.


WordPress Websites that are Search Engine Friendly and User Friendly

We create WordPress websites that are SEO friendly. We utilize various tools known as plugins to create websites that are search engine optimized. After all, the point of a website isn’t just to say you have a website. It’s so that people can find your site when they search for it in a search engine like Google. We take care of SEO on the backend so you can concentrate on creating good content on the front end.

Our WordPress websites provide a quick and easy solution to the two biggest complaints we hear most often from small businesses and non-profits alike. The first complaint, webmasters are hard to get a hold of and are slow to make changes to their website. Secondly, the webdesigner holds copyright to the website and/or its content so they can’t do what they want with the site. The good news is, we give 100% control to our clients.

Every WordPress website we create comes with a pre consultation to hear what the client wants in a website. And every website we put together comes with a post consultation to train the client on how to use and maintain their new website. We provide a detailed proposal head of time so everyone knows what to expect. And we provide documentation of logins and passwords afterwards for everything we discussed in the post consultation.

Before we can get started creating your WordPress website, you need two things; a domain name and web hosting. Let’s take a closer look at these two items.


WordPress Websites Need Domain Name Registration

WordPress websites, like all websites, need a name. You must register the name of your site so that 1) people can find your site and 2) no one else can use the name. Learn about Wordpress website domain name registration and register from the page, Domain Name Registration.


WordPress Websites Need Web Hosting

Secondly, WordPress websites must be hosted, or stored someplace that is accessible to everyone on the internet. There is a free non-hosted version of wordpress. However, it is only recommended for those interested in blogging about their hobbies.

Learn about WordPress website web hosting from the page, Web Hosting.

We would love to put together a website for you. Contact us today to get started.

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