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WordPress Hosting with BlueHost.com

WordPress hosting is here and it’s affordable. Who do we use for Wordpress hosting? BlueHost.com. They are affordable, have great customer service and have unlimited storage. Did I mention great customer service? Yeah, I did. Not to mention BlueHost.com is on top of the WordPress recommended list. Seems like an obvious choice.

WordPress Hosting – Cheap and Affordable!

WordPress hosting service with BlueHost.com is less than $10 per month. When you sign up, you must pay for 12 months at a time…the cheapest price will be offered on the two and three year plans. When you’re ready to put down a chunck of change, Click here to Signup for BlueHost.com.

WordPress Hosting: What BlueHost Offers

WordPress hosting with BlueHost comes with a heck of a lot of stuff for free. Features like unlimited storage, free email, free ftp, cPanel and SimpleScripts. Is there a Setup fee? Nope. What about hidden fees? Nope, none of these either. How do I know? Because BlueHost.com is where this site is hosted! Want to know what other free stuff comes with your plan? Click here to learn more about BlueHost.com.

WordPress Hosting and Domain Name Registration

WordPress Hosting is different than domain name registration. Hosting is all about your code and your website being accessed on the internet. Domain Name Registration gives your website a name. Learn more on my Domain Name Registration page.

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